Everythinks A Ripple

by Dub FX

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Norbert thumbnail
Norbert Ben! You are amazing musician and most importandly a human being! You are doing an impact on people via your music like most commercial "business build" artists could only dream of!!! :) keep with this flow cause your sooth our souls!!!
jefferypack108 thumbnail
jefferypack108 i had a day where i didn't sleep because i was to stressed out. so i took a road trip north to see my mom in her new house, the whole time i was listening to this album. and then the world became so clear. it was like the rain was truly gone. thank you Favorite track: The Rain Is Gone.
jul ger
jul ger thumbnail
jul ger I just discovered dub fx can be listened to in two ways. On my way to work in the car, where the sound he creates forms a soundscape that is easily taken for granted with meaningful and heartfelt lyrics over the top.
And then there is listening with high def earphones where the pure musical craftsmanship seriously becomes apparent and comes to life.
mate cannot get enough
thank you
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released January 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Dub FX Melbourne, Australia

Independent, Live Looping, Street Performing, Producer.


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Track Name: The Rain Is Gone
Well I woke up this morning
I couldn’t believe my eyes
I opened up a window in my mind
And I saw that the rain was gone
The rain is gone
Ye the rain is gone
I could see all the colours of the trees
They were smiling at me
Well a rainbow symbolised the sun had come
And that the rain,
Ye the rain is gone..

To many people out there
Have got the rain in their minds
And it’s clogging up the sunshine
Yes indeed, with the warmth of the sunray
We could have a better place
For the children to play
Won’t you see out there
Look out the window
It doesn’t take a genius to realise
That when the rain is gone
There’s a smile on your face..

I can see the sun
I can see the sun light

The rain is gone…
(Flower Fairy sings)
The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hip hooray
The sun has got his hat on and his coming out to play
The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hip hooray
The sun has got his hat on and his coming out to stay
Track Name: Sooth Your Pain
So you got me loving you girl

So many miles to see your face
I’ve got a feeling I can’t change
And I don’t want to sound cliché
But my heart aches
Now I’m living inside your dreams
So if you find it hard to sleep
And if you’re feeling lonely
Just call me
You know my voice can sooth your pain

Inside my pillow I see your face
A recent memory I can’t erase
And I don’t want to sound passé
But I need your taste
And now you’re living inside my dreams
Your silhouette is enough for
So if you’re feeling the same way
Just call me
You know my voice can sooth your pain

I just need a touch
Of your eyes that I miss so much
Your smile is all I need to survive
This loneliness inside
And don’t you worry about a thing now
Temptation might be all around me
But it’s not the same
So if you’re lonely
You know my voice can sooth your pain.
Track Name: Society Gates
Humanity is conformity
Conformity is society
Society is this reality

The faces that saw me
And the angles that warned me
They told me to run
And dispose of the gun
I could have escaped
Be gone with no trace
Instead I just stayed
Within societies gates

Cos I can run but I can’t hide
And I must justify
The way I live my life
Until the day I die
I live within these gates
I cannot go against
So I must see it through
There’s nothing left to do

They said I was crazy
And they called me a fool
But words cannot change me
And my respect for the rules
I may be part of the system
But if I could rule this land
The rules would be different
But I am just one man

So I wish I was under a tree
Far away from society
Where the only truth in me
Is the soothing sound of my own entity?
While my other voice is free
It expresses words of plea
To return to a stable form of reality
But I’m inside of that tree
That tree is inside of another tree
The perplexity is infinity
So I will just chill with a spliff

I can run but I can’t hide
Track Name: Wandering Love
Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock

Well I know it’s late and its probably fate
That I can’t get through to you
But I needed to hear your voice in my ear
To start my day a new
But your phone was off and I missed your calls
And now you’re fast asleep
So when you get up and you’re ready to rock
You can make my mobile beep

Make, make, make my mobile beep.

The look in your eyes of gold
And the freshness inside of your soul
Takes a hold of my glance you’ve got me in trance
And you heat me up in the cold
The soothing sound of your voice
It speaks to my heart in rhyme
You lift me out of before to now
And you place me back in time

We are a wandering love
From dusk till dawn
We are a wandering love
Like two kites in a storm
We are a wandering love
All day long
We are a wandering love and we can’t be torn

Make, make, make my mobile beep

Red and yellow and pink and green
Orange and purple and blue
I can see a rainbow
See a rainbow too

Red and yellow and pink and green
Orange and purple and blue
I can see a rainbow
And that rainbow is you.
Track Name: Fly With Me
Rest your head now little girl
You’re on your way now
Open your mind up to the sky
And fly away now
You’ve got nothing to prove
No one to hurt you
You got no one to pull you down push you around
Make you frown and cry
You are alone now

Waking up every day with a beam of the moonlight in my eye
Stimulate my consciousness with the focus of my mind
I’ve got to take myself back to the feeling of eternally breaking free
Knowing that my body’s motionless and still asleep

So fly with me
There’s a whole sky to see
I’m taking your mind with me
Into lucidity
Flying in unity
Could be normality
What you perceive to be
Is your reality

Reality is the concrete of our minds
Our own cities where the conscious streets unwind
In the centre of your world you have your sense of gravity
Just lay your head and put your eyes at ease
Create your life and the world that you perceive
In the centre of this world you have your own imaginary planetary universe
Fly with me…
Track Name: Flow
Joined at the soul with a pair of headphones
We need nobody to let ourselves go
Always at my side as we rock a stage show
In an ocean of music we move with the flow
A hand in my hand I don’t wanna let go
A partner in life on this mean old road
We got the wind on our back that blows
We can’t drift apart we just move with the flow.
Track Name: Future
Where is the future where is the past
Astronomy without technology cannot last
Solar system colonies, teleport machines
Imminent optimism grasped
We’re taking it back to our dreams
Full steam as we scheme into a future unseen
A blank canvas screen
We’re taking it shaking it making it gleam
Let’s scream…
And let me tell you about my dream
I want to evolve let me tell you what I mean
You see a nuclear weapons intention
Isn’t for protection but destruction
I’m betting that the invention has a function of selection
To determinate how much to exterminate
While the reserve gets paid
Come on give me a break
Let’s put our money into something that counts
Why all the bouts, when agony emphatically amounts
Let’s not fall behind
Peace on earth is evolution for man kind

Long division is a timely process
Subtract through the shadows and darkness
Multiply your movements to shine
Add all your thoughts to equal sublime

I’ve spent so many days and nights
Trying to walk this earth
And what I’ve realised is that this whole universe
Is trying to sympathise giving us a veer to purse
But we ain’t got no purpose so we just search an search
Blowing up the skies until the ozone bursts
Putting toxic waste up underneath the earth
We want to live longer, and still give birth
While all the information gets lost
I only ever here one song on the radio
And all the false reality on those TV shows
So I just hit my pedal let the bass lines flow
Open your mind or I’ll show you the door just,
Shut your eyes so your soul doesn’t know
Shuffle your feet on the dance floor
Let yourself go, show the bare minimal
Love is sublime and not subliminal

Long division is a timely process
Subtract through the shadows and darkness
Multiply your movements to shine
Add all your thought to equal sublime
Track Name: Love Someone
It’s possible to love someone
And not treat them in the way that you want
It’s possible to see your eyes
Be the devil in disguise with another front
And, it’s possible to change this world
Revolutionise the boys and girls
It’s possible to educate
The next generation that will rule the world someday

The changing times of the 21st century
Means nothing to me cos I would rather be
At the beginning of time, earth would be mine
Living in luxury
Discovering a world out there
Believing in the sun earth water and air
Take me there so I could see the world bloom
Standing on a sea cliff howling at the moon
Creating a world for the open minded
A unique perception of truth inside it
I know we could find it
It’s just a matter of where and when we collectively decide it
The world is not a vicious place
It’s just the way we’ve been raised
Discovering time and space
I know that we could make a change
Rearrange the way that we appreciate the world today

It’s possible to love someone..

Now as i start to put my mind into words
I stall I fall I’m loosing it all, my inhibitions
The thought of wasting a way
The fact that the music’s at a place not far away
Yet I stray and stick to my world
In love with my life my beliefs and a girl
Is it luck that I love this crazy place, the human race?
Don’t get me wrong I still think we could change
But this life and the fact that time exists
And were here and we don’t come equipped with it all
Half the fun is learning and I’m having a ball
While the world keeps turning my role is small
But I’ll make a change
I hope you’re feeling the same way
I hope you’re seeing what I say

It’s possible to love someone..

In this concrete jungle we live
Our survival is love that we give
Now my instinct is guiding my way
It’s true what they say
The world is your chance to create
Track Name: Intensions
My intentions have never been bad
I try to make others celebrate
I forgot the times i was ever sad
But mainly the times of hate
Its funny how much can happen
But things will stay the same
Then life will turn a corner
And decisions turn up made
So I sing

The sun comes up but my head is low
I’m still in bed cos the world is cold
Everything is a daze to me so i fly into outer space
The moon above has a healthy glow
I’m flying over the streets I know
And everything that I used to see has gone
To another place
Now I can’t help but feel a sudden anger in me
Starting from my stomach and rising up within me
It’s taking over my life making me feel so dizzy
Making me look at the news as if its one big conspiracy
I see the truth an I feel the lies
But so many different views in so many different eyes
Make us paralysed, where all so hypnotized
From all the fluorides and chem. trails up in the skies
They want to dumb us down just because they’re scared of us
They know that if we band together we can rise above
They feed us lies on the telly cos so many trust
That the UN’s agenda actually cares about us
But I know better, you see it’s all about to end
A worldwide suicide fashion trend
We like to look pretty and we want to all pretend
But the truth is something nobody can comprehend

The sun come up but my head is low…
Track Name: Step On My Trip
Confused abused
I’ve overused my walking shoes
I never turn back cos i know the score
I never reuse what i do before
But it’s too late, my fate
I regurgitate all the words that i say
Listen up don’t miss the fall
But just pick it up now off the floor
And guess who, yeah you
You’re the ones that I’m talking too
Your never going to guess what’s coming next
Let your mind inside what i manifest
But inside this rhyme you will find my mind
Just sip my crazy lips and step on my trip

Step on my trip

I’ve got, no pecks to flex
All day long i dream about sex
But I’m impotent and now I’ve seen mi arse
I can’t remember when i got it up last
I stink, i need a drink
Role another spliff to help me think
I’m living on the road just like a gypsy
Cos staying in one place fucking shits me
Sunshine, moonshine
Change the way that i would read your mind
Living inside this solar flux
Where all trapped in a perpetual paradox
But your here I’m near
They way that i flow is all so clear
Just sip my crazy lips and… step on my trip…

The words in my mind that i see
Flow out of me easily
So easily that my mind is free
To blaze up your mind with my fantasy
Cos when i get on this mic
I’m flowing so awfully tight,
So awfully tight that my rhymes are like
The claw of a tiger that’s ready to strike
Now when i get on the street
Creating a brand new beat
Feel free to come up and meet me
Don’t be shy cos you could never distract me
When negative vibes attack me,
Get into my mind and hack me
I act like nothing’s happening
Their aint no way to stop me

Step on my trip
Track Name: Made
I’ve got my eyes open wide to the ceiling
I’m lying on my back in the centre of a room
I’ve got a voice giving me a funny feeling
Its telling me the world’s going to end real soon
I’ve got to get a job otherwise I’m unappealing
Do my little dance for the man and consume
So i let my energy build for the healing
So i can reign down with my super sonic boom
I’m held down by a fog on my way to the top
All clouded and the pressure won’t rise
I’m on a mission to the sky with the stars in my eyes
Yet the weather won’t compromise
Like a ball on a chain that is strapped to my brain
I’m a prisoner inside of my dreams
So i will appreciate the future of a day
Where the clouds open up and scream
And i sing now

I aint gonna spend my time wandering why i never made it
I’ve already made it
I aint gonna spend my days thinking about why i never made it

Like the pages of a novel at the bottom of a shelf
I grow stiff yet i keep my pride
Like the one raindrop in the centre of a rose
I’m in heaven with a world outside
Like another metaphor to describe my vibe
I’m just a vessel for my conscious needs
So i will appreciate the future of a day
Where the clouds open up and scream
And i sing now

I aint gonna spend my time…

Its times like this i need to lose my inhibitions
Raise my fist and forget about decisions
Help assist in the party that im giving
Take on the vibe and soon you will be singing
That its times like this ya need to lose your inhibitions
Just raise your fist and forget about decisions
I’ll help assist in that party that we’re giving
Take on the vibe and soon ya will be singing
I aint gonna spend my time wandering why, i never made it
I’ve already made it.
Track Name: Not Cool
Now, let me begin but letting you in
I’ve got a way about getting up and doing my thing
See i could never front and act like something I’m not
Talking about cribs and cars that i haven’t really got
But i can tell you this I’m gonad change your mind
From my persuasive energy that i project through the rhyme
See, it’s all about doing what ya need to do
To get where ya wanna go
And be who ya wanna be
But don’t relax; it won’t come to you,
Cos theirs a million other cats out competing with you
But not doin it the same way
Ya see, seeing the world through different eyes is your gateway
A special gift from your consciousness an individual-ness
For you to rock to this
A little kiss from an emptiness for you to bop to this for you to jump to this
I’m not cool i just pretend I am
I’m not a fool but yet I say I am
I’m old school cos i know I am
Rocking the mike every night
In my jimmy jams

so let me pursue and give much respect to
The rhyme in my mind that i find for you
I let it All hang out I got my heart my sleeve
I let the clock count down like it was New Years Eve
It don’t affect me, cos i play my game
I got my own set of rules and its nothing strange
I’m just a humble soul on the side of the street
Making my own tunes with my voice and my feet
Ye I’m living day by day
Like a nomad stumbling on out of his cave
i celebrate the sun i live my life for the earth
i let the rain come down on my endless search
i never quit, I’m planting seed by seed
I’m evolutionising to try and save my breed
I’m just a cog in the machine
A part of the process, im here to express
That we need some progress
I’m not cool…

And now I’m changing my point of view
Everything i know and everything i knew
It’s all about to change we’re in a new age
It’s golden and pure and true
Me don’t listen to the words they say
One too many lies in the media today
I focus on my mind i focus on my health
I try to stay true to my self

Now let me begin by letting you in
As you know I’m about to rip it up again
I aint hard to please I’m not the type to fight
But if you lie to my face then you aint so bright
See I, I’m an out and about sort
You may have seen me on public transport
I’m famous, for pulling my pants down
And doing all the silly things that make you frown
But you can giggle with me
It aint a riddle you see
I’m just making fun of life with the perspective of a tree
so you can speed on up accelerate or overtake me
but feel free to come up and take a leaf

im not cool
Track Name: Love Me Or Not
You could love me or not
But either way I’ve got to
Wake up to face another day tomorrow morning
You could love me or not
But either way I’ve got the sunrise looking in my eyes
And i know i could love you or not
But either way you’ve got to
Wake up to face another day tomorrow morning

I’m not getting used to my new solitude
I’ve still got a photo in my wallet of you
I’ve got to stop my self
From picking up the phone and just calling you
I’ve got to keep my emotions together and forever
So don’t be afraid
I can’t erase memories with the actions i seize
And I can not erase your smiles and your eyes
With your hair in the breeze
And the only way for me to move on
Is to write it in a song that life goes on
And I’m kicked off this earth
With no one to hold its getting cold and my chest hurts
You could love me or not…
What will the world bring?

You’ve got to be strong
Your story goes on and on
Even though our page is gone
Cos theirs a world out there
And even though it aint fair
You’ve got to not be scared cos i swear
I’ll always be true to you
Forgetting your smiles and eyes i could never do
Your love is skin deep with me
You could never be replaced
Even though you know my heart is free
Don’t be afraid….
Track Name: Time Will Tell
I can’t even express the thought of in excess
And all the love for all my angels
And friendship which enables
Prosperity and good will
For the cup of life will spill
And bring us a new dawn
To which we feel reborn
And all the vibe of all the colours
And intellectual muller’s
Who read all the above
And feed off all our
Will turn their cries to sing
Not taken under wing
For now we surely know
Our peace will always grow

I always thought that it would be an illusion
But only time will tell, only time will tell

I can’t even express, the thought of emptiness
And all the people who are around me
And things that you will soon see
The spirits of my domain
Will never stay the same again
Until we surely find a peace that more inclined
And all the vibe of all the colours
And intellectual muller’s
Who read all the above
And feed off all our
Will turn their cries to sing
Not taken under wing
For now we surely know
Our peace will always grow

Forever changing my mind is rearranging
My words are contemplating
And my thoughts are always skating
Around and around I cannot here a sound
The words are blocked out
And my feet aint left the ground
So I stop, I think, I really need a drink
And just before I blink I realise I’m jinxed
I lose my inhibition I need another mission
You will never catch me bitching
As I rock out in the kitchen
I await my date I need to hesitate
Do think I got it easy cos its handed on a plate
Too late, my fate this world aint full of hate
And that is all I have to say as I deliberate

Forever moving my bodies always grooving
The sounds are always soothing
And my heart is always using
The love that I feel when I bounce in time
I’m free like a bird in the sunshine
I crouch down to the sound if I like the bass
I put my hands in the air and I scrunch up my face
I dance till my legs get weaker
To the rhythm that I here from the speaker
I’m a school teacher
When I jump on the mic
I’m nursery rhyming while riding my bike
If we do show and tell you can show me what you like
We can play all day in that rainbow light
So if you want to be my friend and bounce around with me
You got to spread that love with positivity
You got to bend the bend the boundaries of reality
And finally together we can be free